Enabling machines to save human lives

Read how our latest Machine Learning project is helping clinical patients save lives by analysing over 10 years of data to predict future disorders and recommends preventative measures using ML & AI.

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A website for a legend

Maria Callas was one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century. Respected by fans & critics alike for her bel canto technique and dramatic interpretations, it was an honour for us to create a website for her in association with Warner Classics.

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When devotion goes digital

Explore how our cutting edge digital campaigns & content have made Mangaldeep Agarbattis the most popular devotional brand on the internet. And, how creative content is leading some of the most authentic user interactions in the industry.

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Cards for the fastest

Reimagine how digital can change the face of the credit card industry with intuitive target profiling and innovative experiences to drive credit card registrations for one of the biggest brands in India. This card is for the fast & the campaign was designed to stay upto speed; programmatically!

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