Untitled Interactive wins big at Maddys

The digital creative wing of Untitled Interactive has won under the ‘Integrated Campaign’ category at the Maddys awards. The Maddys are considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in south India honouring creativity. The winning campaign, Rath Yatra with Mangaldeep for Mangaldeep Agarbattis has been a testimony to the importance of digital in driving user engagements & brand awareness.

As a devotional incense brand, Mangaldeep is about devotion & how people experience it. The Rath Yatra was an opportunity to emotionally connect with the people. By merging technology & tradition, the 9-day activation allowed thousands of people to experience the festivities of Rath Yatra in an engaging way. Situated in the rural state of Odisha, India, the town of Puri has been hosting the Jagannath Rath Yatra since centuries. The activation also helped in sampling the product and create awareness about the brand and its range of fragrances.

Background, Idea & Execution

The 9-day Jagannath Rath Yatra is a major devotional congregation in India. Every year, thousands of devotees all over the country come to Puri to see the re-enactment journey of Lord Jagannath along with his siblings Balabhadra and Subhadra in three majestic chariots to their aunt’s home, Gundicha temple located 3km away. Many are not fortunate enough to get close to the chariots due to the crowds. However small this may seem, it is considered quite an honor for the devotees to be a part of this procession in any way, big or small.

We wanted to allow the devotees to connect with the deity by utilizing popular platforms WhatsApp & Facebook to generate visibility, awareness, brand recall. The offline activation also called for innovative formats to capture audience attention.

Major objectives involved getting messages to the WhatsApp number via social media posts & and usage of the Facebook filter.

From our research, we concluded that the best way to create an emotional connect was in helping the devotees perform an activity related to the chariot procession. We realised that the majority of the devotees had a smartphone with WhatsApp and/or Facebook. This helped us in utilising them as major connecting platforms to allow devotees to be part of a virtual procession happening alongside the festival procession. Being present at the venue was equally important as the LED screen let devotees see the real-time results of the action they had taken.

We set up a giant LED screen which was visible to the crowd displaying digital replicas of the three chariots on one end of the screen and Gundicha temple on the other. The activation went for a period of 9 days.
We also created a physical chariot replica next to the screen which generated interest with curious devotees gathering around to know what was happening. Devotees were asked to message the text, “Jai Jagganath” to WhatsApp to help pull the rath digitally. The “Pull a Rath” campaign was advertised in the top regional newspaper & on the official Facebook page across Odisha during the period.

As the messages started coming, the virtual Rath started moving forward towards Gundicha temple. A special Facebook filter was also created allowing devotees to capture the festivities. Special road side towers of incense were placed on the way to Puri allowing for maximum visibility.


• More than 7 lakh devotees visited the Chariot Replica and prayer area.
• 5 lakh devotees visited the “Pull a Rath” digital screen.
• An estimated 10 lakh devotees viewed the innovative road side towers on the way to Puri. • More than 1 lakh devotees participated in prayer by lighting incense.
• 10,000 messages were received on the Whatsapp number in a period of 4 days.

• The campaign reached 1.8 million people on Facebook. • More than 1 lakh devotees accessed the Facebook filter.

The positive response has made the brand consider introducing a new variant of incense with the fragrances used in Puri.

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