Untitled Interactive wins mandate to build Blockchain enabled ledger systems

Untitled Interactive has won the development mandate for Shoprite to build Blockchain enabled ledger systems. The African company is scaling their internal infrastructure using the latest technologies.

The contract will have Untitled Interactive building and deploying the Blockchain systems in a phase wise manner while facilitating easy migration of data sources. “Blockchain deployment coupled with ledger management in the retain industry is slowly catching up and it is great to see companies like Shoprite embracing the advantages the latest technology systems can offer.” said Sreedevi Satapathy, Blockchain developer at Untitled Interactive.
Once deployed, the system will be one of the most secure ledger management systems with abilities to handle millions of instances.

About Blockchain:

Blockchain is a linked list of blocks and a block is a group of ordered transactions. The main thing distinguishing a blockchain from a normal database is that there are specific rules about how to put data into the database. That is, it cannot conflict with some other data that’s already in the database (consistent), it’s append-only (immutable), and the data itself is locked to an owner (ownable), it’s replicable and available. The biggest advantage of Blockchain systems is its decentralised nature which allows for almost zero data tampering.

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